Friday, March 17, 2006

French Touch in Russia :+)

Ok, before continuing the game, I would like to encourage my team-mate Marie Sebag. She is actually one of the most talented french chessplayers. In the women's world championship of Ekaterinburg, Russia, Marie has now qualified for the quarterfinals. I am sure that she will perform fantastically there.

In 2002, I coached her at the European under 16 women's championship where she became champion. Recently she has worked with two other Grandmasters: Andrei Scheckachev and Amir Bagheri. Her chess playing style is a mixture of classical and tactical play. Fun and dangerous!! But in fact, Marie has such a strong fighting spirit that sometimes no one can triumph over her, even the world's top players have failed (Fressinet, Popov & almost Karpov).

In Russia, she has beaten the favourite Humpy Koneru from India. And now the world championship title is in her sights. Go on Marie !!

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