Friday, March 17, 2006

Chess Before Springtime

Friday 17th : Black to move


Let's Go said...

I want to push my d pawn

St. Patzer said...

good to hear you are still with us.. any enjoying your chess.
lets live things up.. Qa5..

Pierre said...

I want to play b5. What else ?? Position is bad :+(

Anonymous said...

Backward pawns are usually a positional disadvantage.they are hard to defend. So d5! correct move
the pawn structure determines the strategic flavor of a game. for black has a long-term space advantage: 16. ...d5!

Belgium said...

yes d5. the bishop want to play too

Huntster said...

I just found this game as I was looking for e4 vs d6 positions. I'll try to help you.

16...d5 not only loses the pawn, but the game as well.

While backward pawns are a disadvantage, they are only harmful in the ending. In this case, a backward d-pawn helps support the advanced e-pawn for black. Plus, the d-pawn is safe for the time being. Moves like Qc7, Rfd8, Rc6, and Ne8 can be made fairly quickly if needed.

The fact that we have opposite castling suggest wing attacks by both sides. In this opening, white usually owns the K-side while black gets room in the Q-side.

White is already underway with his K-side attack, and g5 is immanent. Black is better served by the g6, Bg7 formation in this position but that's unimportant now.

Since we know the d-pawn will be weak in the ending, we can't play slowly and hope for the best. If d5 is desired, then we need to overprotect d5 before the push. Not something that happens quickly, and, in my opinion, is too late now.

I like the idea of Qa5, but it's too little too late. Besides, white would play Nd5 with the idea of trading Q'a and getting to the endgame sooner. We need something more aggresive. I strongly suggest 16...b5 as your next move. Your only hope is to rip open his position, before he does yours. Perhaps during this attack, if things look grim, we can make the d5 push and play for a draw.

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