Saturday, July 23, 2005

After 11.000 : My King is Safe

Black Bloggers to move !!


Anonymous said...

tour en c8

bloodblade said...

difficult position for black side.
Rc8 (to play Nc4 and b5. Other idea: RxNc3 if withe has to take rook with pawn b2).

e5 is also a candidat move isn't it?

Pete said...

Nice blog. As a patzer I would probably 0-0 as black... Or Rook to C8, and prepare to place the knight on b6 to c4?

Michael Goeller said...

At the risk of saying that our castle is short... :-) I suggest that best is O-O since one possible plan is to push the a-pawn to attack his Knight at b3, so we don't want to commit too soon to Rc8, though that is reasonable.

But O-O looks best.

GMI Jean-Luc CHABANON said...

The Blog Games will continue after my come back from Spain. :+)

Bye Bloggers