Monday, May 30, 2005

Shabanovsky vs Bloggers : the match

Your move !


Anonymous said...

I play 6...a6!

Guy Strange said...

a6! all for the Sicilian Najdorf

Anonymous said...

Difficult question. Lot of good moves. For instances:
a6) : very sharp line where a small inaccuracy can be fatal (and against a GMI)
Cc6) : natural move to develop the queen knight.
g6) : very sharp for both side and too theorical today!!!

I'd like to try Cc6. a6 is too sharp against a GMI (same about g6)

Snack Man said...

I'd like to eat some burger too.
But I prefer to play first :+)
So 5.-a6 is my move.
Let's go for a Najdorf Defence.

Paul said...

5.-a6 go for a Najdorf

francky said...

I want to play the Dragon Defence

Anonymous said...


Steve said...

I want to play my knight on c6.
Maybe Shabanovsky did not expect that move :+)